Tuesday, December 8, 2009

McDonalds Listens To Me!

Well, well, well. Looks like old McDonalds recons Oyster knows what he is talking about. A few months ago I wrote a post about how much I used to love the McDonald’s calendars and asked “Why the hell did they ever get rid of them?”

It seems Ronald reads The Oyster Project.

So I was in the drive through on Sunday night and I get to the window where they give you your food and what do I see? The 2010 Ronald’s Big Calendar of Fun! And for only $2. I thought I was in the Delorean and had gone back 25 years but Doc was nowhere to be seen!

I said to the 16yo kid serving me, with a lot of enthusiasm “Is that the Ronald McDonald Calendar?” to which he replied “Yeah” - not matching my enthusiasm in the slightest. “Man I used to Maccas Calendar 2010friggin hang out for that calendar every Christmas when I was a kid! Can grab one?”

I stopped short of telling him I blogged about them a few months ago.

So I eagerly handed him my $2 and got a shiny new colouring in calendar with over $100 of value in vouchers for not just McDonalds (like the old days) but also Luna Park, Jamberoo, AMF Bowling and IMAX. The calendar still has colouring in each month but also has plenty of brain teasers as well as lots of encouragement and ideas for exercise

McDonald’s restaurants in NSW and ACT are supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) by selling Calendars from November 17 – December 31. All of the profits are going to Ronald McDonald Houses, Family Rooms and other RMHC programs being run in the region.

So if you used to love this calendar then grab one for your kids, nieces or nephews and make sure they now how much fun the good old days were before iPods and interwebs.

Now, where are my pencils?

(BTW – is it just me or does the picture of Ronald on the calendar look like he has been aged back about 20 years? Botox and the health choices menu maybe?)