Monday, December 22, 2008


Last post before Christmas so I thought a cool way to round of the year would be to ask those that have supported the Oyster Project in one way or another ro nominate a song for The Oyster Project's Xmas Hits 08 playlist.

I wrote to them all and asked them to nominate a song and a reason why. I have also posted their blog address (just in case you haven't seen their blog yet) as well as a link to the song on YouTube (make sure you check out Kate's!). I wanted to create a playlist on iTunes but not all the songs are listed (Jules, Josh, Stan couldn't find yours on iTunes ... oh well ... too cool for iTunes!). I was gonna post everyone's pic but I think this post is long enough - plus some of you are offensively ugly ;)

I really hope I haven't left anyone out and if I have then it wasn't deliberate and it would be cool if you could email me your contribution and I will add it.

And what an eclectic bunch of songs I got! Thanks everyone. Hope you all have a great Christmas and looking forward to 2009 (I don't really know why yet but something tells me it is gonna be a lot of fun).

While this isn't much of a "conversation starter" post, feel free to comment on everyone's songs (You can hang shit on Zac for actually being a Rick Astley fan ... Wags reckons Zac Rick Rolls himself all the time and Zac reckons Wags actually bought Rick's cassingle:)

I have checked and checked the links etc but if some finds one that doesn't work then please let me know asap.

Without further ado ...

1. ZAC MARTIN: Pigs Don't Fly @

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
See it on YouTube:

One of, if not, the greatest virals of all time. A completely grass roots movement with a piece of content that no one could have predicted would ever be this big. Marketers could learn a lot about the lack of control and authentic nature required in viral marketing from this video. In my opinion, it also produced the best piece of UGC from the 2008 Presidential Election campaign - So why select it for this playlist? I could never pass on a chance to Rick Roll someone. ;]

Marketing Today @

More (from the "Hands Full of Ink" album) - The Tellers
See it on YouTube:
You'll recognise this one from the recent ANZ TVC. I laugh every time I see that ad, as they stupidly chose the song because they have "tellers" at the bank, without stopping to think about the lyrics. Imagine any business saying to their customers "Oh, hey no, you don't need me, no", or even worse: "More, give me more, and give me more. You know I'd die for you, little whore". What on earth were they thinking? Predicting the world economic crisis, maybe? Well, I guess "I'm a f**ker" choosing to bank with them!

3. TONY THOMAS: Tony @ The Population @

Loungin’ (from the album Jazzmatazz) - Guru

See it on YouTube:

It’s my all time favorite track but it reminds me how white my skin is and how monotone my voice is!!

4. JULIAN COLE: AdSpace Pioneers @
Lollipop (Remix of Lil Wayne song) - M-Phazes
See it on YouTube:

I really like M-Phazes, he is an Australian producer who has got a unique sound, His C.D was also the first C.D that I have bought directly from a Musician's Myspace page.

5. NATHAN BUSH: Another Advertising Wanker @

1922 - Charlie Parr

See it on YouTube:
This song was brought to my attention by the foldy Vodafone ad ( Awesome song which uses the very underrated and unappreciated steel guitar.There is a little irony that the song is about a broke drunk ("I passed out on a bar-room floor, when I woke up my head was sore. My pockets are empty but I want some more") and that Parr's MySpace motto is "If it's electric, it's gonna let ya down." It wouldn't have been an easy song to get past the client but works brilliantly. Great campaign and an awesome song for the next roadtrip out of the city.

6. JOSH STRAWCZYNSKI: Current Issues In Marketing Strategy @
Rock & Roll Nerd - Tim Minchin

See it on YouTube:

This reminds me of every person I've ever met. In their mind they are both the rock star and the nerd, a song about life you might say. If you haven't heard it, it will make you laugh, if you have heard it, you'll love the actual rock/jazz element. I know it's not pop, but try something different, you might just like it!


I Shall Be Released - Wilco & Fleet Foxes

See it on YouTube:
This song is one of many from the Bob Dylan songbook that has gone on to become a modern day standard. I have several versions of it in my collection. This one by Wilco and Fleet Foxes is a coming together of two great American bands for a good cause. The song was only available as a limited edition download from the Wilco website for people who had pledged to vote in the then upcoming US election. You can read a bit more about it here:

8. KATE KENDALL: The Zeitgeists @
Business Time - Flight of the Conchords
See it on YouTube:

I remember coming across this video whilst trawling the blogosphere late one night in early '08. I love a good piss-take so found watching it hilarious and obviously the song is very catchy so I was humming it for days. As I don't have pay-TV and actually don't watch much TV full stop, looking back at this song encapsulates everything about why I love all things online. Sometimes I don't have to go looking for things to entertain me, they find to me... :-)

9. MORGAN COUDRAY: Canadian University Marketing @

This Christmas - Donny Hathaway

See it on YouTube:

Here is my pick for a xmas song ... its not good. Its great!

10. DANIEL OYSTON: The Oyster Project @ look in the address bar!

Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers

This song was used as a soundtrack for Barclay Card and I first saw the ad on a blog (but can't find it again!). I could not get the song out of my head all day so I decided to download it on iTunes. I had never heard of The Bellamy Brothers before and I couldn't name any other of their songs. I know this song is old school and daggy but I don't care cause when I hear it I just instantly feel in a better mood. My advice is to wind down the windows and pump it up! LET YOUR LOVE FLOW!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Four things to get through this week ... Twitter, Next Week's Post, Zac Martin and Customer Service.

1 - An update on my Twitter idea I sent to Hawthorn Football club. I sent the email but then had to send another a week later asking if they had got my email. It didn't fly and basically got a response along the lines of thanks but no thanks. They were very nice and polite about it. They did point out that Hawka is on FaceBook (I can't find him yet), are the only club to have built a multimedia studio and that they are putting thought into using Twitter.

2 - I have written to all those that have commented on my posts, or shown support and asked them to nominate a song for me to publish next week as "The Oyster Project's Christmas Hits!" (or something like that. If you want to be a contributor then let me know using doyston @ It will involve more in terms of each song but limited space here to explain. I have had a few responses so far and it has been really cool to read the different types of songs an explanations about why the people chose the song. I am really looking forward to writing that blog next week.

3 - Thanks Zac at for your kind donation to Canteen in support of my efforts on the Urban Polaris. It was very much appreciated. I owe you a beer.

4 - I was listening to episode 118 of Jaffe Juice and Joseph Jaffe he was discussing Net Promoter. Taken from their website, Net Promoter® is both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business.The Net Promoter Score, or NPS®, is a straightforward metric that holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers.

It got me to thinking how we treat customers at my place of employment ...

Then, with customer service top of mind I came across a pretty bizarre customer feedback situation on the weekend. I was in Myer (for those that aren't Australian, Myer is a large department store). We had to use the lift and so followed the walk way around the back of the shoe section into a little lift waiting area, out of sight, around the back. As I was waiting for the lift I noticed, stuffed in the corner, a "We welcome your feedback" stall with pad and pencils. "but we only welcome it if you can find this hiiden stand" I thought. Are they serious with putting a customer feedback stall/kiosk completely out of sight?

Then today I had to try and obtain a replacement dividend statement for some tax reasons. I called Woodside Petroleum who sent me to Compushare. I rang Compushare and was asked if I had my SRN number. I didn't know what it was let alone have it. "We'll we can't access your account information without it" I was told. "Really?" I thought. I can ring my bank and organise most aspects of my finance, I can ring the tax office and get my Tax File Number, I can even ring the doctor and get test results but you can't let me see a replacement dividend statement?

"We can send you one but we will charge $34. But if you have your SRN you can see it for free" I was told. What? Serious? You can see it and print it but if you ask the company, who you invest in, to print it and post it then you have to pay $34! Is it just me or does this sound ridiculous?

The other day I wanted a superannuation statement from the Commonwealth Bank and was told that they couldn't fax it to me. "Why not?" I asked. "We just can't" I was told. I replied with "Yes you can. It is simple, print it and then instead of stuffing it in an envelope you put it on the fax machine". I was told I wasn't being helpful!

But I must say, more and more these days I get on the phone to organise or request something like this and before I even dial I just know it isn't going to be easy. Does anyone else get this feeling? Why is it so hard to get good customer service?

But back to how we treat customers at my place of employment ...

My boss has this aspirational metaphor. He says our customers should feel like they are dropping their BMW off for a service. That is, there is plenty of parking, they are warmly greeted, they are treated well, they are known by name, their booking slot is organised and all the physical environment clues are in place. Then they get a nice call advising of the completion of the service, get a courtesy bus to pick them up and then later on they get good follow up to make sure everything was ok.

This, my boss says, is in comparison to the dodgy mechanic. You know, you pull up, no one greets you, the place is filthy and you have to wait 10 minutes before anyone comes to the counter. While you are waiting you don't feel like sitting down cause the couch is filthy and you can see through to the mechanics shop where there are posters of naked women (ok, maybe I wouldn't mind that last part). Some untidy bloke in overalls comes out and is very impolite when he takes your keys and says it will be ready at 5 o'clock (like all the cars are going to be ready right at 5!). You pick up your car and never get any follow up. Very unpleasant indeed.

Do you know any good examples of customer service that is continually repeated? Or are you like me and just know that whenever you ring to get help that they will always make it as hard as possible?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I only blog on Monday's ... that's kind a my rule. But when I read Zac Martin's post yesterday @ ... and then I saw Wags' award announcement on the news tonight well, I just had to make sure everyone knows about Wags' award. Check it out here WAGS AWARD

Well done Wags, you deserve it.


PS - Wags is massive in Asia - those youths love him!

Monday, December 8, 2008


On the weekend I participated in the Urban Polaris. which is a 7 hour Mountain Biking Orienteering type event. It was a long hard slog, on a hot, windy Canberra day and we covered 100kms. I was a broken man by the end!

While it isn't run as a vehicle for people to raise money for charities it is however run in aid of the Mental Health Foundation ACT.

But I figured that I might be able to leverage my participation to help raise some money for Canteen. I am not entirely sure where I saw this but I found a link to a site called Every Day Hero which people can use to promote their own fundraising efforts.

Essentially the site allows you to choose a charity to raise money for (they have all of Australia's registered charities listed) and allows you to set up a blog, post photos and take donations with messages of support (while showing your progress towards your set target).

So I set up a page (
check it out here), emailed my friends and family and thought that would be pretty much it apart from reminding people to donate. How wrong I was.

Next thing I know I get an email from Canteen thanking me for my efforts in raising money and that they would send me a fundraising pack. They also wanted to know what size shirt my team mate and I were so that they could send us some Canteen branded shirts to wear on our ride.

I thought they would send us some pretty basic
cotton, ill-fitting t-shirts to wear and to be honest I thought we probably wouldn't end up wearing them. How wrong I was again (that's twice now for those scoring at home).

I got the shirts in the post pronto and I opened the mail to be shocked that they were actually really good quality Industrie brand shirts that were made out of great material for riding in. Only problem was that they were lime green
! I wasn't too keen on that and thought they would look a bit stupid ... yes you guessed it ... I was wrong again! (three strikes and your out!).

We looked great in the shirts and looke
d like much more of a team than the other riders. We got lots of great comments from people and it was easy to spot each other if we got separated.

Here's a photo of my recovering after the finish ...

Absolutely brilliant move to connect with fundraisers through the Every Day Hero web site and offer then some support in their efforts. It made my team mate and I feel so much more a part of Canteen and that our efforts were appreciated (not that we ever doubted they were).

We initially set a target of $1000 and when we hit that target we got a nice email from Canteen congratulating us on reaching our target. We were pretty chuffed but we pressed on and increased our target to $2000.

We ended up raising $1605 in online donations and another $250 in promised or cash donations.

So if you know anyone that wants to rise money for a charity then make sure you tell them about the Every Day Hero website as it is a great use of the net, blogs and connecting people for great causes.

Off to have another spa to sooth my aching legs.


oh, I almost forgot ... an update on last weeks post. I didn't hear anything from Hawthorn so I emailed them on Thursday asking if they got my email. I just got a response today that said "Thank-you for you e-mail Daniel. I have forwarded your e-mail to our communications department."

I haven't give up ...

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is an email that I have sent to my beloved Hawthorn Football Club. I will be adjusting it and also sending it to the Parramatta Eels, ACT Brumbies and Super Leeds United.

If you have a favourite brand or team then feel free to use my letter as a template.

Dear Hawthorn Football Club

Congratulations on the cool podcast that you guys are producing. Unfortunately I found it a little bit late in the season and only got the last few episodes. Can’t wait til it fires up again.

Since the GF, I have been active on the social media front and have started my own blog on marketing and set-up a Twitter account @danieloyston. I have also got an iPod Touch and have been busy downloading all sorts of cool applications.

Hopefully you understand what I am talking about when I say “Twitter” and “iPod Applications”. If not, you need to get onto Wikipedia ASAP and check them out.

Everyone is on the go so much more these days and we are not always in front of our computers to check out your newsletters or visit the HFC website. Most of us have devices that help us access all sorts of information wherever we are.

I seriously think you guys should get on and set up a Twitter account as well as create an application for iPhones and iPods. In fact, it would be perfect if the Twitter updates came from Hawka!

I checked Twitter and no one has Hawka as their account. So some smart ar#e doesn’t try and register it I took the liberty of registering it to save it for you guys. Check it out at

I spent some time setting up the page with a cool background and uploading a profile pic for Hawka.

Just let me know that you are going to start Hawka Tweeting (wow, the synergy is beautiful) and I will gladly hand over all the account details and artwork. Don’t stress, this isn’t some sort of money making scam where I will ask you to pay for the account – I will just hand it over for nothing – I am just keeping it safe so some stinky Collingwood supporter doesn’t steel it.

Twitter would be especially useful to update the fans with how memberships are progressing and to encourage those that have not signed up yet. You could also use it to send messages about general stuff at the club and keep us in the loop.

You can also use Twitter to follow other Twitter users and monitor what they are saying about the Club and our march to back 2 back premiership.

An iPhone application would help us all get the latest news and results wherever we are and it would feel so much more personal than downloading generic updates from Telstra! Jump on iTunes and you will see that all of the big American sporting teams have their own applications.

The Mighty Fighting Hawks are leading the way both on and off the field. Let us be the first club to get a Twitter account and our own iPhone/iPod application.

Kind Regards

Daniel Oyston

Grand final Seat: Section Q12, Row U, Seat 6

PS: I have almost worn out my DVD of the Grand Final :)

So how do you think it will go down? Do you think we will see a Hawthorn Twitter account and/or iTunes application? Do you think my email was good or do you think there is something I missed that I immediately email then with?