Monday, March 30, 2009

Has The World Gone Bonkers?

Ok, this post raises something very unsavoury but I just couldn’t get this thought out of my head all day. Sometimes I just think the world has gone completely bonkers …

Most of you have probably shaken your head at the absolutely ridiculous situation where parents are banned from taking photos of their own children in public for fear of paedophilic activity. If you want something to shake you head at, something that is completely over the top, then check out examples of parents banned from taking photos of their own daughter at the park or a father banned from taking a picture of his daughter playing netball.

Not enough? Then check out the 82yo grandma banned from taking photos of an EMPTY POOL!

It’s just crazy. But, and just maybe I can’t see it, there is a real threat being kept at bay here and that I should be thankful that my son and other kids are being watched vigilantly by authorities.

However, I shook my head when I read about Johnson’s Baby Channel which is running a competition where parents send in videos of their children having fun in the bath for the chance to win $10 000. Check out this kid below … his laugh made my smile.

Can someone please tell me how is ok to post videos of naked kids for the whole world to see but it is unacceptable to take photos of fully clothed children playing sport (for family albums).

Don’t get me wrong, I think the channel and what Johnson’s are doing is a great way to connect mothers. But how long will it be before some bright spark decides that this is just as bad as taking photos of your kids in public and puts pressure on YouTube to take down any videos like this? After all, Facebook banned photos of mothers breastfeeding their children and that is one of the most natural things ever!


Nathan Bush said...

Cute concept and one that families will love! I agree with you, it is crazy. I wonder if the Johnson's Baby Channel will end up blocked on the filter list?