Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oyster’s Favourite Blogs

I thought I would share with you the blogs that I currently have under my “Favourites” folder in Google Reader.

If I am strapped for time then these blogs always get read first. No offence to any of the other great blogs I read but you can’t all be favourites (so please try harder). If you don’t already read these blogs then I highly recommend them. The blogs are in alphabetical order so I am not playing any favourites – besides, asking me to put them in favourite order would be like asking a father to pick which one of his kids he likes better (we all know that Dad’s like the eldest the best).


A Digital Perspective (Jye Smith) Got to meet Jye when catching up with Julian Cole for a beer one day when I was visiting Sydney. Jye’s posts are always interesting and sometimes slightly controversial (I like that though). I like Jye cause he said my jokes are funny. He also ran an interview of me on his post here.


Acidlabs (Stephen Collins) Canberra (and even Tuggeranong) based so he gets points. Started the Social Media Breakfasts in Canberra but gets testy if you turn up without RSVPing :) Stephen doesn’t mind being forceful when writing his posts which usually gets some feathers ruffled.


Adspace Pioneers (Julian Cole) Met Jules for the first time a few months ago when visiting Sydney. Gave my blog a kick start when he listed it on a “new blogs to read” post on his blog when I first started. I returned the favour by sticking up for him on YouTube when some clowns took offence to his Samboy entry.


Another Advertising Wanker (Nathan Bush) Despite being a Raiders fan I still like him. His blog and mine are fairly similar in that we don’t always write about the current popular topic but instead relate our own day-to-day experiences. Haven’t had a beer with him yet but not keen to go to Brisbane because XXXX beer stinks. Come to Canberra Nathan!


Brand DNA (Stan Lee) I always liked Stan’s articles in Marketing Magazine and his blog is short, sharp and interesting (definitely not the “sermon from the mount” style that a lot of blogs deliver). I think he is a Scouser (but don’t hold that against him).


Canadian University Marketing (Morgan Coudray) Morgan is a bit like Nathan Bush and myself in that he often writes interesting posts that aren’t always about the current popular topic but instead relate his own day-to-day experiences. His blogs often make me leave a comment (which I believe should be a goal of most blogs).


Consumer Psychologist (Adam Ferrier) Adam’s take on marketing is grounded in psychology and I always like blogs that can comment on current issues while linking them back to theory. I almost met him when in Melbourne last time but the timing was out – it was a shame because he strikes me as the sort of bloke that you could have some really interesting conversations with. Keep your phone on Adam …


Current Issues in Marketing (Josh Strawczynski) One of the first blogs I started reading. Invited me to be a guest commentator on this Red Bull Post. Has been very quiet of late … Josh, come on mate, don’t make me move you out of my Favourites folder.


Marketing Today, Monash University Australia (Peter Wagstaff) A podcast rather than a blog but Wags is the man I credit for inspiring me to blog, particularly one of my most popular posts – the one that got listed as a finalist in the Moggies.I now provide semi-regular social media reports for the podcast.


Pigs Don’t Fly (Zac Martin) Has the honour of being the first person to leave a comment on my blog. Since then I have become an avid reader of his blog which is typically youthful and irreverent.  He was kind enough to write a post about what brands can learn about my entry into blogging (which was very humbling).


Servant of Chaos (Gavin Heaton) Is it just me or does Gavin Heaton feel like the “Dad” of Aussie Blogging? (no offence Gavin, it’s a compliment). A wise head among young and enthusiastic bloggers? His posts are wide and varied but always provide great detail and thinking where applicable.


The Zeitgeists (Kate Kendall) Online editor of and recently asked me to participate in the first “Moment with Marketers” interview. Didn’t get a chance to catch up with her when in Melbourne last time but is on my list for coffee for my next visit.


Zakazukha Zoo (Matt Granfield) Once described me as his favourite Canberra blogger (awww shucks). Always writes posts that seem to have a deeper level to them than most – might be because he works in a social media marketing agency. As per Nathan Bush, I haven’t had a beer with Matt yet but not keen to go to Brisbane because XXXX beer stinks. Come to Canberra Matt (bring Nathan)!

The thing that struck me about this list is it is almost exclusively Australian (except for one blog). I wondered why this was and I think it is because the Aussie blogging community has been very supportive and encouraging since I joined its ranks late last year. Often they are only too willing to lend a hand, some advice or encouragement. I wonder if this is because we don’t really have too many bloggers in Australia that are “too big for their boots”?

For example, I sent an email to a very prominent American blogger asking for a favour, and I regularly leave comments on his blog (so it is not like he wouldn't have seen my name before), but I never even got the courtesy of a response (negative or positive). Anytime I email or Tweet any of the people in the list above I always get a response. Now I am loyal to their blogs.

To a certain extent I think that social media should be used to meet people and it is certainly a pleasant result of starting to blog as I didn’t really think far enough ahead to think that I might meet so many new and interesting people in the marketing profession. It also seems that once I meet people (and spend a little time with them) then I take a keener interest in their blogs – not sure why this is. Maybe the Adam Ferrier can dissect that for us.

If you to have a blog or two that you really like, and it isn’t listed above, then please make sure ou let us know about it by leaving a comment.



Adam Ferrier said...

Appreciate the sentiment. It's a good list. Adam

Zac Martin said...

If Dad's like the eldest the best them I'm definitely fucked!

Appreciate the kind words old man, this is almost exactly my "A Team" list as well. And I agree about meeting people face to face, adds a very personal touch to their blogging.

Keep it rad Oyster.

Unknown said...

Thanks Oyster - great list. If you come to Brisbane I'll shout you an imported beer - but can't promise I won't lace it with XXXX. I'll be in Canbeera later this year to celebrate the grand final victory with the boys.

Kate Kendall said...

Hi Oyst,

Thanks for the inclusion and love how you presented it. Feel a bit special too, to be the only member of the female sex on the list (well that I know of...).

I'm actually thinking of killing my blog off (well, putting it on hold until I do a whole big Wordpress redesign), but it's nice to know that someone is reading it, even if my analytics look like they are off life support!

And yes, next time you are in Melbourne -- you should definitely come along to #socialmelb again (I'll try not to have an alarmfail this time) and we can also catch-up and discuss that long-awaited-top-secret project. ;-)


Julian Cole said...

Thank you Mr. Oyster you are also one of my favourite reads. I love that you always have fresh content that no one is blogging about. Cannot wait for the next beer, whether it be me down in the nation's capital or you up in Sydney. Look forward to it.

Morgan Coudray said...

Accurate description indeed. Thanks bud

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