Monday, May 25, 2009

Can You Guess The Famous Fonts?

Red BullOn of the reasons I started blogging was because some of the feedback I wrote for the Marketing Today podcast gave me some great ideas for posts. My second ever post, and a post that was shortlisted for the 2008 Moggies, was all about how recognisable famous logos are once they are dumbed down to their basic shapes and colours. The post provided a spreadsheet that presented a whole lot of dumbed down logos and readers had to try and figure them out (as per the example on the right).

If you haven’t seen it then check out the original dumbed down logos here >>

I have wanted to write a second version of the spreadsheet ever since but it is hard work finding the right types of logos and since I have been looking it is amazing how many logos are just text and colour – but still instantly recognisable.

So I decided, that instead of logos, it would be easier to create a spreadsheet of famous fonts from brands, movies, TV shows etc. Click on the famous font below to download the spreadsheet and see how good you are at recognising the famous fonts.

TOP Text Subway

Jules Simpson croppedMake sure you use the poll on the left of the screen and let me know how many you got correct. If you are struggling with any then let me know and I’ll give you some clues …

Big thanks to Jules Mann at for showing me a trick for hosting files and hosting the original dumbed down logos file.


Melissa said...

Another great post Daniel. But man fonts are harder than logos! will have to sit on this one i think....

Nathan Bush said...

I think you've got a future as a game inventor on B-grade television gameshows. Saw a game on Talkin Bout Your Generation tonight where they built up logos and you had to buzz in early to guess. You have a bright future! But I am going to approach the font one when I have a little more clarity and not feeling so dumbed down after watching previously mentioned gameshow.

Andrew said...

8, 11 and 15 eluded me... Fresh eyes in an hour or so might drop them into place though.

Melissa said...

Can we email for hints Daniel?

Daniel Oyston said...

@Melissa, post your troublesome ones ehre .e.g #11 and I 'll give some clues.

Warning though - I won't make the first cluea easy. You'll still have to think.

@Andrew and anyone else who needs help :)

#8 - Run away from the ghosts and eat the dots!

#11 - There is a steak in every glass!

#15 - SMG are the initials of the actor who played the leading role

Good luck

Let me know if you need easier clues!

Melissa said...

Number one is bugging me the most because i'm sure i know it but it just won't come.

Number 12, number 4 too.

thanks Daniel love these little things to keep my brain on its toes!

Daniel Oyston said...

@Melissa, some clues

#1 This is cryptic – texas capital strengths smashes wot pain users
#4 Popular children’s book
#12 “Whose afraid of the big bad ____?”