Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Marketing Blogs

Hate Cartoon 1

I hate marketing blogs that;

  1. Don’t start conversations.
  2. Start conversations but then won’t consider or accept other points of view.
  3. Blog about things that everyone else is blogging about.
  4. Post too often.
  5. Don’t post often enough.
  6. Have bloggers who think they are journalists.
  7. Position social media as “holier than thou” e.g. free speech and having people heard is above the law or the employer because “you can’t stop me!”
  8. Don’t tie their posts to marketing theory.
  9. Create a list for a post when they might be a little dry for ideas :)
  10. No. 10 is up to you. Tell me what you hate about marketing blogs …


Zac Martin said...

10. Bloggers that continually use their blog as their own soapbox or criticise campaigns or brands without suggesting how to improve.

Unknown said...

10. Blogs that never take a view point or a risk. And bloggers that go for Parramatta.

Stanley Johnson said...

10: Bloggers who proudly display AdAge Power 150 badges. Especially when their blog isn't even in the 150!

Matt Granfield said...

10. People who write blogs that aren't Daniel Oyston or Nathan Bush.

Kate Kendall said...

Oh no Oyst... free range! Don't get me started!

10. Marketing blogs who produce fantastic content that would have taken hours to research but no comments or activity from others because the blogger can't MARKET their blog. Ironic.

10.1 Marketing blogs that don't actually blog about marketing at all.

10.2 Marketing blogs that don't make any points within their posts. Seriously, I can't tell you how much I've read and then got to the end of it and thought – now what was that about?

10.3 Marketing blogs that are written by self-proclaimed marketing gurus sent from God to dominate the marketing planet, yet haven't even work as a Marketing Assistant or studied marketing.

10.4 Marketings blogs that try to be a news site i.e. not adding anything onto a story but just reporting it. It's like "This appeared six days ago on Ad Age and we all read it then".

10.5 What Stan said...

10.6 Marketings blogs that exist for one day and then email me asking to be featured in our publications.

10.7 Marketing bloggers who comment on their own blogs about how insightful and awesome they are (cough Matt Granfield).

10.8 Marketing blogs that talk about memes (as I'm usually sick to death of the meme by that stage).

10.9 Marketing blogs.

10.10 The people.

OK, the last two were a joke. I actually love marketing blogs and the people are what makes them.

Kimota said...

Is there anyone reading this list not going "not me, not me, not me... bugger!"

10. Marketing blogs that are thinly disguised sales pitches

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