Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Pure Unadulterated Rant

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Warning – this is an angry rant … rude words used

I have a VISA card with HSBC and I get paid monthly. It’s a real pain in the arse getting paid monthly because the payment date for the credit card falls on the 30th of each month. I often get slugged overdue fees. Doesn’t matter that I am a regular payer. Despite having all the data their in front of them they just fine me.

So I rang them twice last month only to be told that my payment date couldn’t moved. I rang a third time cause I was convinced that was bullshit and a lady told me they could actually change the payment date but “we can’t change it over the phone though”.

Oh yeah, that’s right, you are happy to discuss in full my complete financial details including activating new cards but can’t move a payment date. What the fuck was I thinking? Aren’t you recording this phone call anyway? Can’t you use that as authorisation?

So I had to send fax. “All sorted” I thought, payment date changed to the 2nd of each month to allow me enough time to BPay it.

So I paid about $1800 off on Tuesday but then today get a phone call. This is basically how it went …

HSBC - This is just a courtesy call to check that you have made your payment.

Me – Yes I made a payment on Tuesday for $1800

HSBC – Oh OK, it isn’t showing up yet but the payment date was the 30th but BPay takes 3 days to come through.

Me – Then shouldn’t you call me after the 3 days if the BPay doesn’t come through?

HSBC – As I said, this is just a courtesy call.

Me – Seems pointless if it isn’t suppose to arrive at your end until tomorrow.

HSBC – As I said, this is just a courtesy call.

At this point it was anything but courteous for me. In fact it was a down right pain in the arse.

Me – Anyway, I changed my payment date a month ago to be the 2nd of each month.

HSBC – We have no record of that. Oh hang on, here is a note on your file. Yes, it says that you had requested a change and that we asked you to fax us a request.

Me – I did that

HSBC – There is no record of us receiving it. Do you still have a copy?

Me – No, I expect you to look after it.

HSBC – Well you will need to check your statement because …

Me – Are you gonna ring me like this every month cause it seems pointless if you are going to ring me every month inside the BPay payment window and even when the payment date is today and not the 30th. You can see all my payment history there right?

HSBC – Yes

Me – Considering I pay the same time each month, and I have paid like this for year, then what did you think I would say when you rang to ask if I had paid?

HSBC – We weren’t sure, as I said at the start, this is a courtesy call.

Me – Seems pointless to me.

HSBC – Well sir, if you feel that way …

Click – I hung up.

Here’s a tip HSBC … READ MY FUCKIN CUSTOMER FILE BEFORE RINGING ME AND WASTING MY TIME. It was anything but courteous. Maybe if you read the files before calling then you would have noted that I had requested a change of payment date. If the change hadn’t arrived at your end then you could have rung and asked if I had faxed it or if something went wrong. In fact, you’ve had 4 or 5 weeks to fuckin action it!

Don’t fuckin ring me and ask where your payment is when a) The payment date is today, and b) even if the payment date was still the 30th then it would fuckin turn up at your end until tomorrow.

Fuckin clown.

Maybe I need to get a new credit card provider?

BTW – If someone from HSBC reads this then I am more than happy to have a calm conversation with you about this.


Anonymous said...

Commonwealth, same same. Owed $32 bucks on my card. Forgot to pay. Charged $25. Have a significant amount in savings, mortgage and a joint income paid in. Would they move? Nah. History of early payment, and all on time for the prior 36 months.

Pointed out that they charged me an equivalent penalty rate of 78%. Asked them to just deduct it from the amount owed. Another nah.

So I asked them to set up a DD from a commonwealth bank account to a commonwealth bank account. Was there, in the bank, in the person. Takes 6 weeks to arrange!

Don't want free coffee, would just like my custom valued in some small way, and a little flexibility when I make a mistake and one joined up banking system that doesn't take 6 weeks to action what should be a simple request.

I do have an answer though. I'm going in every day for the next two months and drinking $50 worth of coffee. I'm going to send them a letter asking for $7.50 for each day that Netbank has been down this week.

Kimota said...

Another day, another bank or financial institution confuses customer service with vomiting in your kettle.

Truth is, there is no motivation for banks et al to join the dots to create greater customer efficiency but there is every motivation for their billing system and debt collection arms to run at maximum efficiency - because finance is a captive audience. They know how much of a pain it is for customers to change. It isn't like walking into a different shop or visiting a different website tomorrow - and so they can afford to treat their customers like crap because attrition will still be lower than in mot other industries.

We all know about the failed NAB social media experiment last year and I think I'm right in saying no other bank has even attempted delving into twitter or elsewhere to actually engage with customers on a truly constructive level.

Banking is a classic example of business run for shareholders instead of customers - completely missing the point that the first financial institution to truly look after customers, play fair with interest rates and provide genuinely helpful and intuitive services will see profits skyrocket as half of Australia pounds on their door.

Yup, I hate my credit card company too, for different but equally stupid reasons. (You listening Citibank?)

Kimota said...

Oh, and if I ever told you my St George customer service story, your hair would curl and you'd want to punch the next person you see in a red blazer.

Hooligan said...

I've had a reasonable run with ANZ.

However, one time they stung me with a $35 overdraft fee on my cash account. I complained and said I farking used an ANZ ATM, so if I didn't have the funds, why did it let me take the cash? It never used to happen before.

"Oh sometimes the machine you used can't connect to the database and it can't see your balance."

Was that my fcuking problem? No!

At least they refunded my fee straight away without fuss.

They've stung me again 2 times for poor reasons, which I've again got out of.

But the last one they've said you've got no more get out of jail cards left, so no refund. It was a bloody paypal transaction which defaulted to that account and took the money.

They don't care to prevent you taking money you don't have, because they just prefer to make the whopping 'interest' charge.

I even said, "look this account is just for ATM transactions, but we've over $10,000 in our linked home loan interest saver account. So why doesn't your fcuking system just get the money from that account if the other one has insufficient funds." "

Oh, sorry, it can't do that..."

Do they care? No. It's just another way of milking you.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better the Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada will not change the date on my Visa Gold Card at all. Every month the bill is due on the 7th but my pay gets deposited on the 15th. Ive been a customer for over 20 years, usually bill over $5,000 a month on Visa, have six figures in savings with them. You think they would want to keep me happy but they dont give a s**t.