Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What’s Your Victory Dance?

You won’t often see me on the dance floor, because I am hopeless, but one dance I don’t mind doing is my victory dance.

WTF is that Oyster? We’ll, my victory dance is what I do when something good at work happens. If you work in marketing and/or sales then you will know what I am talking about - that feeling when you are working on a pitch or sale and the client says … “Yes”. It’s that feeling when things are going your way and you are on a roll. It is especially good if a few things haven’t been coming off lately.

After one such recent victory dance I posted the question on Twitter “When something gr8 happens @ work does any1 else get up & do a little dance & a few fist pumps? Or is that just me?”

@poptrashmusic and @officeranni saw the tweet and I was encouraged to tape a victory dance and post it here. So here it is … me getting of the phone to some good news at work.

OK, so maybe it isn’t really a dance but more of a jig or even an outright display of excitement but I thought you would find it entertaining nonetheless!

Now I expect @poptrashmusic and @officeranni to post videos of their victory dances and it would be great if you could tape yours as well and upload them to YouTube. Just post the link in the comments. Come on, please don’t keep your victory dances to yourself!


Anni said...

Awesome! Ok, will have to think creatively about this (location of phone, volume of victory chant).


Nathan Bush said...

That is awesome Oyster! I'd post my victory dance but am afraid it goes against YouTube guidelines.

PS. I like the Hawks poster but where is the Parramatta Premiers 2009 poster?

Daniel Oyston said...

@Nathan ... grrr no 2009 Parra Premiers poster. They are designing a 2010 one as we speak :)

However, check out the little Hindy figurine (signed) next to the iPod!

Zac Martin said...

I did some interesting stuff in highschool where you build up your "dance" to be associated with positive moments like the one in the video. Over time this becomes some what of an anchor, and in a moment of frustration or doubt you can actually do your dance and it brings you back to a state of happiness and motivation.

Interesting stuff.

James Duthie said...

Sorry Oyst but this clearly isn't a dance. It's a fist pump. I was really looking forward to watching you dance too. How disappointing! :)