Monday, May 31, 2010

Tooheys New Ads

Tooheys New Origin Ad 1You have probably seen the Tooheys New ads on TV positioning Tooheys new as the official currency of the beer economy. They are ok, made me chuckle the first time I saw them – especially the one where the bloke is helping his mate clear toxic waste and they drop the barrel and his mate pegs it!

Tooheys have been running some topical print ads in the paper as part of the campaign. There is a cracker one that relates to the Melbourne Storm Salary cap scandal that I ripped out of a paper at a cafe but am still to retrieve it from the bottom of my son’s pram.

Tooheys ran these two ads in last Wednesday’s paper – State of Origin Day. Loved them.

 Tooheys New Origin Ad 2


Bharath Narasiman said...

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