Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Awesome Posts You Probably Missed

I am going to start following the lead from a few other bloggers and start sharing some of the better pieces of content I come across each week. It won’t be in lieu of something more thought provoking or analytical, which I will try and still do each week, but gives me a chance to pump something quick and useful out to you each week regardless.

How to Optimize your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Are you aware of the recent changes that LinkedIn has made to enhance the Company Profile part of it’s site? There is some pretty cool stuff in there where you can now add video, picture carousels and add specific product/service pages. Adam Kleinberg has a nice post on it however a fair few of us were confused when we tried to have a play on our company profiles. In response, Adam has posted a helpful follow-up blog LinkedIn Companies Questions. Check it out >>

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Five Point Social Media Idea Checklist

My man Julian Cole provides a few questions to ask yourself before going ahead with that Digital/Social idea. Very handy in keeping you on the straight and narrow. Check it out >>

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Passionate About Your Product: What Brands Can Learn From Unofficial Bloggers

Leigh Duncan-Durst over at Marketing Profs catches up with Melody Overton, who writes a popular unofficial Starbucks blog. It is pretty interesting to get inside the head of a brand fan and even find out more about how Starbucks handles/manages her activity. Check it out >>

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Gavin Heaton said...

Nice one ... and I love the Oysters ;)

Daniel Oyston said...

Holy shit Gav, surely that has to be the fastest ever comment made on a post?!?! Anywhere ...

BTW - I took my lead of you :) and some others. It is a nice way to aggregate those important ones people may have missed being shared on twitter

David Shor said...

Nice read. Adam's a great guy and a smart guy. Really showing Norcal (and increasingly national) companies how to do great digital.

There was a time when B2B was boring. With the new analytics tools to add to great digital marketing campaigns, I'm really loving what's coming out of guys like Traction.

Adam Kleinberg said...

Aw shucks, you guys. Thanks for the repost, Dan.