Monday, November 10, 2008

The Oyster Project R.I.P.

This is an extract from Marketing Magazine’s September 2008 issue, where they feature the Jack Daniel’s story:

“In his book Zag, Marty Neumeier challenges brands to write their own obituary, an exercise designed to draw out the key aspects of the brand and its relationships to its consumers.”

Note: If you want to know what Gus Griffin, Jack Daniel’s global managing director, said about his brand then grab a copy of the mag.

I want you to take part in this exercise as I think you will find it valuable. It will only take a minute.

Ok, now, imagine your blog (or podcast) just died at everyone is at the funeral … what would you hope one your followers would stand up and say at the eulogy?

Open Word and write it down.

Seriously, do it. Come back to me when you are ready ….

Don’t read on because you might be tempted to write something along the lines of what I did and I really want to hear your thoughts.

Here’s is what I came up with.

It’s only been days but I deeply miss The Oyster Project already. He always provided me with thought provoking posts on Marketing and I always felt compelled to join in the conversation. There was always loads of others that joined in the conversation as well. That’s what he did - he got people talking about marketing.

He didn’t try and make himself sound important or just recycle stories that other bloggers had already written about. Instead, he has a genuine passion for marketing and wanted to share it with others.

The Oyster Project was different from other blogs and that’s why I loved him. He always tried to look for something a little bit off centre and I looked forward to his blogs. I never hesitated telling other people to visit him because I knew they would fall in love with him as well.

I didn’t always get his jokes but I think that he was handsome, funny, really smart and great at sports.

Ok, maybe not that last bit.

Now what you need to do is print of your blog’s eulogy and stick it up next to your computer. It should serve as an aspirational goal for whenever you are writing. You can take this exercise and do it for anything – a brand, product, business.

Please don't be shy. Share your eulogy in the comments section. I would really love to see where you would like your blog, podcast, brand or business to go.


Morgan Coudray said...

I really like the idea. To me, the eulogy forces bloggers to clearly enunciate the mission and objectives of their blog. In my case, I got my 'mission statement' on a post-it note on my desktop

Adam Ferrier said...

Good exercise for workshops too.