Monday, November 17, 2008

Rihanna, Pasta & Popcorn

I love the Gruen Transfer (but can anyone explain why they, and others such as Hollowmen, have a subscription on iTune but no episodes - or at best only one episode?)

A few months ago they were dissecting the blend of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” music video and its cross promotion with the Maybeleine brand. A (very) quick Google search brought up nothing, and my memory is a little faded but, they were discussing how the singer and Maybeleine had joined forces to help promote each other.

Rihanna did a re-make of her music video clip to be an ad for Maybeleine and Maybeleine offered Rihanna CDs through their retail counters.

Essentially, they are blending their marketing mixes (4Ps) to undertake co-operative “Promotion” as well as increasing their “Places” from where customers can access their offerings.

While I agree that the match between Rihanna and Maybeleine is an excellent one (because there would be demographics of their target markets that are the same or similar) the discussion reminded me of another cross promotion I had seen recently.

On my way home, I had to swing past a local supermarket to pick up some cake mixture (I lost a bet in the office and the loser had to bake a cake for everyone … but that’s a story for another day and I lost the bet … I’d much prefer to share a story where I won a bet:).

While waiting in line at the checkout, there was a promotional basket full of Continental instant pasta meals. What caught my eye was the little sticker that carried the Video Ezy logo. It said “Free Video Hire” (when you buy the packet of pasta).

It immediately struck me as a very strange relationship. In fact, I think it is a down right terrible match. Pasta and Videos? Come on! So I thought to myself “righto hot shot, if you were coming up with the ideas at Continental, what would you dream up?”.

Pasta and wine (maybe not a whole free bottle but maybe a good discount?). At least with the bottleshop next to the exit I might be inclined to take advantage of that offer as I leave. And because the bottleshop is owned by the supermarket then they are more likely to promote the pasta in prominent spots!

Happy that I had fixed Continental’s woes, and with the 30 seconds I had left in the queue, I thought I had better not leave Video Ezy high and dry so I thought of a good product match for free videos. Pretty simple really … Popcorn!

As I got called to the register I wondered whether I shouldn’t call my wife, cancel the burritos and tell her I was coming home with some pasta, a bottle of red, a movie and some popcorn!

The question for you is - what complimentary products or brands could your company work with? A little co-operation could open up scales of economy and help you utilise distribution channels that previously been hard to obtain.

What other matches for products can you think of for products that compliment each other? Funny ones welcome - beer and panadol?


Zac Martin said...

A few months back someone tried alcohol and condoms. Didn't go down to well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Good post, I've been trying to find Hollowmen too...haha anyway, maybe this partnership isn't as strange as it sounds.

Think young professional heading home from work tired, needs to grab something from the supermarket for dinner that's cheap, quick and easy. The pasta fits the bill, and they can grab a movie from the shop next door to fall asleep in front of that night.

Wags said...

Hey Oyster,

I always think that Diet Coke and a Mars Bar go well together. Sort of counteract each other.

Hollowmen was available on ABC iView, but it looks like they've removed it... bummer!

Matt Granfield said...

I hear Diet Coke and Mentos go pretty well!

Morgan Coudray said...

Back in 2004, i toured around the south of Spain, and very rarely bought any food there for a simple reason. The great majority of tapas bars there would give you a free tapas with any pint of beer you bought.. On this booze-fueled trip, that was a great incentive to start drinking earlier than usual and to buy more drinks than planned.

Josh Strawczynski said...

The only thing I would like more is for the Gruen Transfer to actually delve a little deeper into the strategy behind the advertising and the brands themselves.

It seems to gloss over the surface for entertainment sake rather than invoking any stimulating discussion, which because it is all edited anyway, could remain relevant and attention grabbing.