Monday, December 22, 2008


Last post before Christmas so I thought a cool way to round of the year would be to ask those that have supported the Oyster Project in one way or another ro nominate a song for The Oyster Project's Xmas Hits 08 playlist.

I wrote to them all and asked them to nominate a song and a reason why. I have also posted their blog address (just in case you haven't seen their blog yet) as well as a link to the song on YouTube (make sure you check out Kate's!). I wanted to create a playlist on iTunes but not all the songs are listed (Jules, Josh, Stan couldn't find yours on iTunes ... oh well ... too cool for iTunes!). I was gonna post everyone's pic but I think this post is long enough - plus some of you are offensively ugly ;)

I really hope I haven't left anyone out and if I have then it wasn't deliberate and it would be cool if you could email me your contribution and I will add it.

And what an eclectic bunch of songs I got! Thanks everyone. Hope you all have a great Christmas and looking forward to 2009 (I don't really know why yet but something tells me it is gonna be a lot of fun).

While this isn't much of a "conversation starter" post, feel free to comment on everyone's songs (You can hang shit on Zac for actually being a Rick Astley fan ... Wags reckons Zac Rick Rolls himself all the time and Zac reckons Wags actually bought Rick's cassingle:)

I have checked and checked the links etc but if some finds one that doesn't work then please let me know asap.

Without further ado ...

1. ZAC MARTIN: Pigs Don't Fly @

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
See it on YouTube:

One of, if not, the greatest virals of all time. A completely grass roots movement with a piece of content that no one could have predicted would ever be this big. Marketers could learn a lot about the lack of control and authentic nature required in viral marketing from this video. In my opinion, it also produced the best piece of UGC from the 2008 Presidential Election campaign - So why select it for this playlist? I could never pass on a chance to Rick Roll someone. ;]

Marketing Today @

More (from the "Hands Full of Ink" album) - The Tellers
See it on YouTube:
You'll recognise this one from the recent ANZ TVC. I laugh every time I see that ad, as they stupidly chose the song because they have "tellers" at the bank, without stopping to think about the lyrics. Imagine any business saying to their customers "Oh, hey no, you don't need me, no", or even worse: "More, give me more, and give me more. You know I'd die for you, little whore". What on earth were they thinking? Predicting the world economic crisis, maybe? Well, I guess "I'm a f**ker" choosing to bank with them!

3. TONY THOMAS: Tony @ The Population @

Loungin’ (from the album Jazzmatazz) - Guru

See it on YouTube:

It’s my all time favorite track but it reminds me how white my skin is and how monotone my voice is!!

4. JULIAN COLE: AdSpace Pioneers @
Lollipop (Remix of Lil Wayne song) - M-Phazes
See it on YouTube:

I really like M-Phazes, he is an Australian producer who has got a unique sound, His C.D was also the first C.D that I have bought directly from a Musician's Myspace page.

5. NATHAN BUSH: Another Advertising Wanker @

1922 - Charlie Parr

See it on YouTube:
This song was brought to my attention by the foldy Vodafone ad ( Awesome song which uses the very underrated and unappreciated steel guitar.There is a little irony that the song is about a broke drunk ("I passed out on a bar-room floor, when I woke up my head was sore. My pockets are empty but I want some more") and that Parr's MySpace motto is "If it's electric, it's gonna let ya down." It wouldn't have been an easy song to get past the client but works brilliantly. Great campaign and an awesome song for the next roadtrip out of the city.

6. JOSH STRAWCZYNSKI: Current Issues In Marketing Strategy @
Rock & Roll Nerd - Tim Minchin

See it on YouTube:

This reminds me of every person I've ever met. In their mind they are both the rock star and the nerd, a song about life you might say. If you haven't heard it, it will make you laugh, if you have heard it, you'll love the actual rock/jazz element. I know it's not pop, but try something different, you might just like it!


I Shall Be Released - Wilco & Fleet Foxes

See it on YouTube:
This song is one of many from the Bob Dylan songbook that has gone on to become a modern day standard. I have several versions of it in my collection. This one by Wilco and Fleet Foxes is a coming together of two great American bands for a good cause. The song was only available as a limited edition download from the Wilco website for people who had pledged to vote in the then upcoming US election. You can read a bit more about it here:

8. KATE KENDALL: The Zeitgeists @
Business Time - Flight of the Conchords
See it on YouTube:

I remember coming across this video whilst trawling the blogosphere late one night in early '08. I love a good piss-take so found watching it hilarious and obviously the song is very catchy so I was humming it for days. As I don't have pay-TV and actually don't watch much TV full stop, looking back at this song encapsulates everything about why I love all things online. Sometimes I don't have to go looking for things to entertain me, they find to me... :-)

9. MORGAN COUDRAY: Canadian University Marketing @

This Christmas - Donny Hathaway

See it on YouTube:

Here is my pick for a xmas song ... its not good. Its great!

10. DANIEL OYSTON: The Oyster Project @ look in the address bar!

Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers

This song was used as a soundtrack for Barclay Card and I first saw the ad on a blog (but can't find it again!). I could not get the song out of my head all day so I decided to download it on iTunes. I had never heard of The Bellamy Brothers before and I couldn't name any other of their songs. I know this song is old school and daggy but I don't care cause when I hear it I just instantly feel in a better mood. My advice is to wind down the windows and pump it up! LET YOUR LOVE FLOW!


Daniel Oyston said...

Not sure why Wags link doesn't work. It is cut n pasted straight from the address bar. Try copying it and pasting it into the address bar.

BTW - does anyone else have massive massive formatting problems when drafting a post in word and copying content across? Terrible

Zac Martin said...

It was either that or What Is Love? by Haddaway.

Matt Granfield said...

I think in times of financial crisis one should turn to the lord. And/or Janis Joplin:

Has there ever been a better marketing song?

Matt Granfield said...

P.S. I just added you to my 'Complete List of Australian Marketing Interwebs Bloggers; Sorted by Region' at - You're the only one in Canberra :) If you don't want to be on the list, let me know.


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Oyster - As far as formatting problems go try copying from word into notepad first and then into the blog