Monday, December 1, 2008


This is an email that I have sent to my beloved Hawthorn Football Club. I will be adjusting it and also sending it to the Parramatta Eels, ACT Brumbies and Super Leeds United.

If you have a favourite brand or team then feel free to use my letter as a template.

Dear Hawthorn Football Club

Congratulations on the cool podcast that you guys are producing. Unfortunately I found it a little bit late in the season and only got the last few episodes. Can’t wait til it fires up again.

Since the GF, I have been active on the social media front and have started my own blog on marketing and set-up a Twitter account @danieloyston. I have also got an iPod Touch and have been busy downloading all sorts of cool applications.

Hopefully you understand what I am talking about when I say “Twitter” and “iPod Applications”. If not, you need to get onto Wikipedia ASAP and check them out.

Everyone is on the go so much more these days and we are not always in front of our computers to check out your newsletters or visit the HFC website. Most of us have devices that help us access all sorts of information wherever we are.

I seriously think you guys should get on and set up a Twitter account as well as create an application for iPhones and iPods. In fact, it would be perfect if the Twitter updates came from Hawka!

I checked Twitter and no one has Hawka as their account. So some smart ar#e doesn’t try and register it I took the liberty of registering it to save it for you guys. Check it out at

I spent some time setting up the page with a cool background and uploading a profile pic for Hawka.

Just let me know that you are going to start Hawka Tweeting (wow, the synergy is beautiful) and I will gladly hand over all the account details and artwork. Don’t stress, this isn’t some sort of money making scam where I will ask you to pay for the account – I will just hand it over for nothing – I am just keeping it safe so some stinky Collingwood supporter doesn’t steel it.

Twitter would be especially useful to update the fans with how memberships are progressing and to encourage those that have not signed up yet. You could also use it to send messages about general stuff at the club and keep us in the loop.

You can also use Twitter to follow other Twitter users and monitor what they are saying about the Club and our march to back 2 back premiership.

An iPhone application would help us all get the latest news and results wherever we are and it would feel so much more personal than downloading generic updates from Telstra! Jump on iTunes and you will see that all of the big American sporting teams have their own applications.

The Mighty Fighting Hawks are leading the way both on and off the field. Let us be the first club to get a Twitter account and our own iPhone/iPod application.

Kind Regards

Daniel Oyston

Grand final Seat: Section Q12, Row U, Seat 6

PS: I have almost worn out my DVD of the Grand Final :)

So how do you think it will go down? Do you think we will see a Hawthorn Twitter account and/or iTunes application? Do you think my email was good or do you think there is something I missed that I immediately email then with?


Zac Martin said...

Every so often I think of a brand that fits so perfectly in the Social Media Response model.

And, you my friend, just discovered 16 of them.

Morgan Coudray said...

Mr Oyston, that's what I call dedication; a few might call it sport fanatism :D
This is a great way for you to have the greatest positive impact for a sports team you support.
Let us know if they start using the account

Josh Strawczynski said...

Really clever! A friend of mine works in marketing at St.Kilda, I have already directed him to your blog and he agreed wholeheartedly.

Go the hawks!

Wags said...

Well done, Daniel! It will be interesting to see how they respond. I wouldn't be surprised if they spin you some BS that the AFL won't let them use Twitter, as all communications channels need to be approved. It's amazing how much control the central administration have on each club. I'll be watching closely.

Ryan said...

You should totally keep at them about this. I'm in New Zealand and their website is slow as so keeping up with things via Twitter would be awesome.

You could start an online petition and post it in forums - they might take notice of a few hundred (or even thousand!) people's interest.

haze said...

Seriously, every sports team should be on Twitter. I don't really understand why more of them aren't already on the bandwagon.

There's already a service on there (I think run by that tweets live updates on trade week and the draft, it's pretty good.