Monday, May 30, 2011

Now this is an awesome job application

new belgium brewingI have often said to myself that “next time I am applying for a job I am going to cut out all the bullshit resume talk and do something that stands out”. Somehow, I never get around to it. I end up playing it safe.

Not Josh Mishell. This is a truly cool website/resume application to New Belgium Brewing for the the role of Strategic Marketing & Branding Director (I think, I don’t actually know the specific job but looking their site it would appear to be this one).

I retweeted Josh’s link and he seemed genuinely impressed it had made its way to Australia (the home of Cascade, one of his favourites). Whoops, update, I am told it is Cascade in Poland :(

Check it out by clicking on the image below. Would you like to get a a job application like this?

Josh Mishell