Monday, June 6, 2011

Community Manager Round Table – Brisbane, June 2011

Last Friday I attended the Community Manager Round Table organised by Greg Lexiphanic (@lexiphanic) #acmrt

It was a great opportunity to meet some new people and hang out with like minded individuals (something some of us don’t get to do at work all that often). The format was pretty causal with everyone having the opportunity to submit topics for discussion. We spent about 30 mins a time discussing topics such as building a community from scratch, engaging difficult/fragmented communities, metrics and just the general lie of the land.

We all have our unique challenges with some of us building communities around climate change, credit unions, government initiatives, large corporations and two of us building communities around the inevitable fact of life … death. While we all had unique challenges I think we also face many of the same challenges. It was a bit of a support group at times :)

One little project that came out of the day is on engagement. We were discussing engagement when Russell Allert (@RussellAllert) mentioned that in his role he started down the path of creating a scoring system for measuring engagement e.g. +1 for a like, +3 for a share, +5 for a comment etc. He said that it all got caught up in the detail a bit, so he shelved it, but with a promise to help the group has taken on the project of the engagement measurement framework finished.

Others involved in the day were @corza @alisonmichalk @joolliee @amandaolsson (in spirit) .. BTW – is Bob on Twitter?

A big thanks to Greg for organising. He did an outstanding job with wifi organised, coffees on arrival, lunch ordered before we got to the pub and even the offer of a lift to the airport. All that and great conversation for $40.

The next one is being slated for Melbourne later in the year with @venessapaech looking likely to coordinate? If you work in community management, or know someone who does, then I highly recommend you get along to this day. It certainly got my mind ticking. You might also be interested in Swarm Sydney being organised by Quiip which will “connect Community Managers with the aim of sharing resources, best practices, information and ideas, alongside creating a dialogue around the future of online engagement.”

We will be sure to share the results of the engagement framework in due time.










Image by Jyri (via Quiip)


Russell Allert said...

Thanks for the mention, Daniel. And I have to agree that Greg did an amazing job and that the conversation was excellent.

I am about to release my rough draft on the scoring system for measuring engagement to those that were at the round table.

Hopefully we can make something out of it.