Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 blogging tips from my blogging friends

Part of my role as Online Community Manager at the Global CCS Institute is to help guide and support those staff and industry contacts who help us create great content for our online community.

They are all super smart people in the industry and have heaps of great information and insights to share. Like lots of industry people, however, blogging doesn’t necessarily come easily to all of them.

As part of the support I have drawn up a cool ‘Blog Writing Blueprint’ (a step-by-step guide which I will share here in the future) and developed a list of 44 blog ideas. I have also set up a ‘Bloggers Anonymous’ blog that kind of acts as a place for myself and Brenda Somich, the other Online Community Manager at the Institute, to share ideas and thoughts to help our bloggers.

One thing I have recently done is to go out to some of my favourite bloggers and marketing industry contacts and asked them to shoot a short video giving their top blogging tip or two.

A big thanks to @nathbush @juliancole @scott_drummond @leehopkins @joshstraw84 @zacmartin @jymmysim and @brendasomich

Enjoy and feel free leave  comment and add your own blog tip that these guys forgot ;)


Josh Strawczynski said...

Nice work Oyston, let me know anytime you want some vids, tips etc, i'm always happy to help.

Also, really good selection of people :)

Online CNA Classes said...

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